“Cexilia’s Tangos”

“Tango Malambo”

“Tango Malambo” &
“Cuántas estrellas” (BC)


Cecilia Pillado

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“Cexilia’s Tangos”

“Cexilia’s Tangos”
Argentine Piano Music III

TaMa 261219303

Release date: August 15th, 2005

Titles: Adiós Nonino, Balada para un loco, El Choclo, Sur, Tiempos Viejos and more...

TT: 59:20 Min.

Cecilia Pillado (Piano)

An interesting selection of traditional, popular tangos from the Argentinian fatherland, in brilliant and virtuosic arrangements by the pianist.

[…] Ms. Pillado’s tango arrangements are – like her original compositions – the work of an artist for whom the piano has no secrets. The instrument’s possibilities are fully used to underline the different character of each tango. Once in a while the listener is reminded of Ms. Pillado’s training as a Classical pianist, as echoes of Chopin, Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff – not least the eye-twinkling quotation of Für Elise at the end of Taquito militar – are heard within the texture of the piano part.

© Carlos María Solare

From the booklet:

These Tangos are dedicated to my mother. They convey the most beautiful memories of my childhood in Argentina.

My mother, a native of Buenos Aires, always had the text of some tango on the tip of her tongue to comment on everyday situations. A spoken word was enough for her to start singing a tango verse reflecting a deep popular wisdom and particular philosophy of life. She was my link to the tango.

But another “mother” also appears at times in my mind in the form of luminous images: the natural surroundings in the Argentine Pampas, the open countryside, where we would ride horses and play to our heart’s content.

All of these feelings and nostalgic but powerful memories flow into the music of this CD. That’s why it is my personal favourite.

Cecilia Pillado (Translation: Dr. Salli Kline)

Table of contents

  1. JUAN SALOMÓN (1916-1979)
    Páginas vividas
  2. ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992)
    Adiós Nonino
  3. ELADIA BLÁZQUEZ (1931-2005)
    Sueño de barrilete
  4. JUAN CARLOS COBIÁN (1896-1953)
    Los mareados
  5. JUAN SALOMÓN (1916-1979)
  6. ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992)
    Balada para un loco
    Choclo al piano con polenta
    (Variations on A. Villoldo’s “El choclo”)
  8. FRANCISCO CANARO (1888-1964)
    Tiempos viejos
  1. ANÍBAL TROILO (1914-1975)
    La última curda
  2. ANÍBAL TROILO (1914-1975)
  3. JULIÁN PLAZA (1928-2003)
    Nocturna (Milonga)
  4. CARLOS GARDEL (1890-1935)
    El día que me quieras
  5. PINTÍN CASTELLANOS (1905-1983)
    La puñalada (Milonga tangueada)
  6. ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992)
    Verano porteño
  7. ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992)
  8. ASTOR PIAZZOLLA (1921-1992)
    Milonga en ay menor
  9. MARIANO MORES (*1918)
    Taquito militar (Milonga)